A Permanent Case of Wanderlust


This blog is exceptionally scatter brained and doesn’t have the usual fluidity and story line of a normal post!

I’ve used this post to get out some thoughts and show some pretty bad ass pictures.

… It probably makes no sense.

It’s July.

I suck. And I mean really truly suck.

Can I even call myself a blogger? It’s been 4, almost 5 months since my last post. The one before that took me a month to write alone. I left everyone hanging on a limb. . .

The time away has given me some time to think. Think about my writing and whether or not it’s something I can truly say I do. I would like to think that I write wrote for pleasure. But not just my own pleasure. Quite possibly, I was writing to fulfill some sort of void that I had always wanted to fill. A uniqueness of sorts. I wrote to stand out. For confidence, maybe? I still haven’t figured that out completely. . .

Now that I have long been back in America, (for the same amount of time I had been abroad), travel – and the pure happiness that tags along side it, seems like a distant dream I once had long ago. I can’t help but reminisce daily and wish my study abroad semester was a rather permanent situation.

There are certain feelings that seem to automatically attach to an individual like myself who has an extreme case of wanderlust (before, during, and after adventures that is). They never seem to go away and traveling to your next destination, whenever that may be, always seems to be on the mind.

Feeling fulfilled isn’t a feeling that comes around much after living the dream.

Ultimately, this blog post is about the end of my trip.

To finish what I started.

I never finished my posts from my dad and I’s trip abroad for more reasons than I think I truly understand myself. The main one being that Venice, Florence and Rome were some of my favorite parts of my travels. A part of my travels that I wanted, and still want, to keep to myself. A little piece of oblivion that only I know about. But not only this, many of the memories from that week of travel are now sad and filled with sad remembrance and heartache. A week that was pure bliss but now exhausts my brain and my emotions.

*insert sad song here* 

I’ll spare you the details.

I do want to share the trip with everyone who has been reading my blog since the beginning. The 200+ random people who have commented and taken interest in my cozy corner of the never-ending web. But in order to keep it the way I want – in order to keep my little piece of oblivion – I’ve decided to only share the pictures. A handful from each city.

With out further a do (6 months later)…

Venice, Italy

Europe Trip-872

Europe Trip-898

Europe Trip-904

Europe Trip-952

Europe Trip-982

Europe Trip-986




Florence, Italy






Europe Trip-1106

Rome, Italy


Europe Trip-1283

Europe Trip-1291





Europe Trip-1398

Europe Trip-1444

Europe Trip-1610

Europe Trip-1633



To good memories, lifelong friends, italian beer, family, and the itch for travel that doesn’t let me sleep at night.