Pisa IS Pizza

WARNING: This post is quite… cheesy!

I spent the last week with three of my five roommates in Italy – and I ate my body weight in incredible pizza.

Mind you, it’s been six long weeks of solely Moroccan food. My mouth practically started watering a week before leaving for Italy. Day dreaming about all the cheese, basil, and garlic was excitement enough, let alone thinking about how I would be seeing Europe for the first time!

My roommates and I wasted no time. We quickly checked into our hostel and got a recommendation to try Le Scouderie by our hostel manager.

They sell their pizza by the meter – yes, METER. If that isn’t badass enough, after you order, the waiter comes by and pulls out this long metal tray from underneath your table to set the pizza on.

The atmosphere is made for college kids and families alike, and for 24 Euros, it fed all four of us perfectly.






Can you smell the fresh mozzarella?




After eating three or six slices, we waddled our way to the tower in a steady rain fall. I highly recommend seeing the tower at night when there’s absolutely no tourists around. It’s a really magical sight.




If you find yourself visiting Pisa, take the time to eat at this restaurant. It’s the best pizza I had my entire stay in Italy. In fact, we all went back for a second round a few hours before our flight early Wednesday morning!

Here’s the address – get yo’ cheese on!

Via Sancasciani, 1, 56125 Pisa, Italy

Phone: +39 050 40884