The Alchemist, Buddhist Temples, and Adventure

What is it about living somewhere that makes it seem less ‘adventurous’ than other places in the world?
The last two years since returning home from Morocco, I’ve lived in between an ambiguous no-mans-land of nostalgia and memories, and a futuristic fantasy land that promises instant happiness, gratitude, and fulfillment the moment I begin traveling again. To put it shortly, I have neglected the beauty of simply being – in the present, that is.
Recently, a close friend of mine recommended I read the book The Alchemist by Robert Coelho. Never mind that I ripped through the book in less than three hours, it was the best book I’ve ever read. In essence, it follows the story of a young sheep herder who is faced with following his heart or mind, the girl or his dreams, and money or passion. Underlying this, the deeper meaning goes into how every single person in this world has a “Personal Legend” – and if you want it bad enough, everything in the world will conspire in helping you achieve it. Although the book itself is short, my one regret is that I didn’t take my time reading it. It’s inspiring, and truthfully, made me remember why I need to continue to find adventure and beauty in every day life. I wish I had time to read it every single day!
At this stage in my life everything is rather uncertain. I am graduating college in less that 5 months with no immediate plans. I see my friends getting jobs lined up at great companies or hospitals all around the US. It’s in these moments where I wish I could pull out The Alchemist and remember that I am never going to be that girl who works a 8 am – 5 pm desk job for some company just to pay the bills. Not that this is a bad life, it’s certainly one that many people hope for, but it’s definitely not for me. I want to wake up every single day doing something I absolutely love, even if my passions change yearly! I wouldn’t mind traveling the world on a small budget, enough to pay rent and eat mindfully if it meant I got to learn languages, meet new people, experience cultures, and help other people grow to their full potential. I am inspired in the everyday acts of every day, ordinary individuals – something I don’t think I will necessarily enjoy in a company (for a lifetime that is). Simply put, I don’t like simply ‘staying put.’ My dreams aren’t practical and certainly aren’t understood by many people I know, but I want to travel with the ease and free spirit of the winds. One year teaching English another free-lancing, maybe making a life out of a travel blog? It HAS been done before, ok!
Nonetheless, the book inspired me to seek adventure in my own back yard. My parents have lived in Ft. Worth, Texas for the last four years and I have given little thought to exploring the mixture of cultures right here in front of me. Mom convinced me to go with her to a local Buddhist Temple  as she knows I’ve been recently exploring Yoga and Meditation practices to relive stress.
Even though the weather was a brisk 35 degrees out (and we had just gotten the first light snow of the season), the outside gardens were absolutely beautiful. Next time I’m here visiting I hope it’s sunny out so I can sit in the pavilions and mediate.
I didn’t happen to bring my Canon camera with me, so all of these pictures were taken with my iPhone 6s.
Inside was even more spectacular. The faint remnants of incense could be smelled swirling around the dark room. It’s custom to take off your shoes before entering temples – there’s something spiritual about walking around barefoot… maybe that’s just me?
Now… off to find discover more of myself in my own skin.