My Favorite City in Europe

Happy New Years, everyone!

I left everyone last in Paris, where I was exploring and getting lost in The Shakespeare & Company bookstore. In the mean time, I’ve continued my backpacking adventure with my dad throughout a few countries in Europe. I can happily say that I’m back at school in Fayetteville, where I will finally have time to sit down and hash out all the details from my trip.

Prague, Czech Republic was the second stop on our European adventure – and by far my new favorite city in Europe (so far). It’s a fairytale. With beautiful cobble stone streets, lights strung along every rooftop, the magical Charles Bridge and Prague’s Castle – I can honestly say I’ve never wanted to pick up and move somewhere so quickly in my life.

Dad and I didn’t have any secure plans for Prague, which is honestly why I enjoyed this section of our trip the most. We walked for hours (and miles) in circles. We people watched, ate at Christmas street stalls, visited the famous Astronomical Clock and Oooed and Ahhed at all the historical architecture that makes Prague so dream-like.

We started our trip by sleeping in early and then grabbing an early lunch at a local’s favorite restaurant – Lokal. By far my favorite restaurant we went throughout our whole three weeks traveling (yes, it’s that good).



A traditional Czech pub with a twist. The head chef is famous and wanted to bring good food to a pub scene with great prices and a great ambiance. Dad and I started lunch with an appetizer of spicy Czech sausages with a side of shaved horse-radish and spicy mustard.


They may just look like hotdogs to the average person – but they were delicious and perfectly juicy.

The main course we decided on was underneath the “chef’s recommendations” on the menu. I just sort of stared at this for a moment… “Fried Cheese”? Do they mean mozzarella sticks? How is this a main course? We went for it anyways, with a side of butter potatoes to cap off the carbs for the day.

It didn’t suck.



Incase anyone was wondering, I have found my new favorite meal. Fried cheese… who wouddathunk?

It was melt in your mouth, gooey goodness. I still have dreams of this cheese.

It was served with a tartar sauce to dip to one’s own delight. Still being skeptical (and already happy with the way the cheese tasted on its own), I dunked my battered cheese in the sauce and the rest is history. Prague was good to me from the start.


After gaining five pounds, we waddled out of Lokal to the town square. It was decorated with Christmas lights and vendor’s stalls. The huge Christmas tree stood in the middle of the square looking as magnificent as I’ve ever seen.





There were a few street performers, but this group singing and playing traditional Czech music in old outfits was by far the coolest.


The square was filled with children, families, couples, dogs and everything in between. Everyone was out enjoying each other’s company, eating Christmas treats and walking around. I felt like I belonged there!





Europe Trip-498

After our fill of walking about, we made the climb to the top of the clock tower to get an aerial view of the city. Again – a fairytale.








By the time we finished in the tower, we took a scenic route (of course we didn’t get lost) to find the Charles Bridge.

It was cold (and our last stop for the day), but absolutely gorgeous.

Europe Trip-525

Europe Trip-533

Europe Trip-535

We ended our night with more pastries and goodies….

Prague – you’re a dream.