Arkansas –> Peace Corps Morocco

*I found this in my drafts as I have just returned from a 6 week trip in the Middle East (which I will take the next week to write about!) but I am going to leave the post as is 🙂
Big, big news.
This girl is returning to the most incredible country in the world (Morocco, of course) in a few months. A few weeks ago, I got accepted into the Peace Corps!
The funny thing about it is, the Peace Corps has always been on my radar but it was never something I actually thought would happen. I don’t feel qualified in any means, at merely 21 years old, to teach high school English to High School Moroccan students – but I guess someone, somewhere in the big office decided they saw some potential in me. Maybe it has been the 3 years of Arabic I have attempted to master? Or my internship last summer in D.C.? Either way, lets hope the 3 months of training in Rabat will teach me how to teach others.
In celebration of landing a job, I’ve realized I’ll be leaving a place I’ve grown to love with all my heart. The last couple months I’ve found myself just sitting on campus and people watching, or taking a few extra minutes to get places so I don’t feel the need to rush. So, here are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken in Arkansas in the last four years of University.
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College was an amazing chapter in my life. There’s no amount of words I can fix together to explain the amount of growing and self-realization that occurred. The people I’ve met. The memories I’ve made.
A large majority of my last semester was spent worrying about where I would end up after graduation; yet here I am. Preparing for the next two years in another country.
Life never goes the way we plan. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!